Friday, June 08, 2007

Atypical Breakfast

Here's a slice of soft country-styled bread with an Italian flag design spread of nutella, peanut butter and marmalade. Pretty typical so far.

The we slam on a chili and garlic sausage and some sweet honey mustard.

The ultimate holiday breakfast. Supplemented with my usual semi-hardboiled eggs, how can this not be a balanced meal when it has a bit of everything? This tasted almost as good as the toasted bakkwa, cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I conjured years ago.



Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. D
I really enjoy reading your blog! Do you have any special preference on the kinds/brands of Mustards and Tomato Ketchup??? I'm a big fan of both. Also, any special recipes using the both? Hope you're not one who despise the 2...

kahsean said...

ahaha that looks weird hehe. i think the farest i wud haf gone is just nutelle with peanut butter OR peanutbutter n strsawberry jam! LOL

i must say its still a creative brekky

Anonymous said...

i hate marmalade! :x i would have spread some kaya instead~ hehe~

anyway thats a really odd combi.. is it supposed to be eaten all together? or as seperated components?

D said...

anon: Hmm, not really brands actually, I'm happy with anything Keen's, French's I'm not too fussed. I LOVE wholegrain mustard and can polish off a small bottle with a good steak. It goes well with Chinese roast pork as well. I tend to use catsup mainly in cooking, I'm ok with local brands or Heinz. If you like mayonnaise, it's quite fun to blend the either one with it as well. Mustard and mayonnaise makes a good dip for fried finger foods and is a good way to initiate non-mustard lovers.

kahsean: creative? It's almost the norm now =P

bbg: The sausage, nutella and peanut butter will help mask the marmalade =D and yes, it's eaten altogether! =)