Sunday, July 29, 2007

Diner Breakfast, NYC

One thing funny (actually it's not funny, more like annoying) about jetlag is that you wake up at the oddest hours. So here I was laying in bed at 3am, by about 5am it was getting bright, so I ventured out for some grub. Not many places were open then (maybe it was a Sunday as well?) except for Dunkin Donuts which seems to be a 24hr joint here (and yes, there's no queue).

This little diner was just opening for the day and since I was rather famished at this point, I decided to hop in for a breakfast platter. Here's a standard breakfast platter with sausage, sloppy fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, buttered toast and a refreshing glass of orange juice. This wasn't too bad although it's still rather weird that I'm eating breakfast when my stomach was tuned in to dinner mode. If there's one thing I hate more than 18hour longhaul flights, it'll be jetlag.


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