Friday, July 27, 2007

Kuriya - Farewell III

The third and last farewell meal in the series saw us back at Kuriya again. We decided to do the seasonal kaiseki this time round.

We started off with an additional order of seared duck breast with sorbet. An odd combination but I liked how the tangy and slightly sweet sorbet paired up with the savory duck flesh.

The appetizer course of grilled pike eel skin, wax myrtle, egg omelette, boiled squid with thin tofu and black sesame seed tofu was not bad. The best in this trio would probably be the grilled eel skin in my opinion, but I've always liked eel.

Then came the sashimi, seabream tasted the best this time round. Then again, this is coming from a non-sashimi fan.

The grilled item of sweet fish with Dengaku miso paste was pretty good, especially the fish, which I felt tasted better alone because the miso paste was slightly too sweet and thick for my liking.

I quite enjoyed this dish of eel on foie gras mousse with pumpkin sauce. The matching of the ingredients complemented each other very well.

As usual, Kuriya's nigiri sushi is always pretty satisfying.

I do apologize for not having any pictures (my battery died on me!) of the last two courses of soup and dessert but if you trust me, you may take my word for it that they were pretty good. Especially the mango flan which came with the dessert.



Camemberu said...

Fabulous pics of food as usual (and a lovely envy-inducing series on Shanghai food!) but I'm still wondering what farewell these last few meals are about. Read that you will still be blogging food (yay!) but are you leaving the country??

zhengning said...

Hello! Hasnt drop by for quite some while! Com broke down and I'm having my exams :(

Haha, as usual, yummy-licious pictures that makes me drool..i kind of like that sweet fish hehehe

Anonymous said...

Say good bye tada good bye
Say good bye tada good bye
Subete no wazura na shisa ni good bye
Say goodbye tada good bye
Kawaru koto o sorezu ni good bye

D said...

camemberu: Shanghai rocks! I always recommend that over my friends who want to go to Hong Kong. In fact Shanghai is probably my favorite Asian city at the moment, followed by maybe a tie of Bangkok and Taipei.

zhengning: Oh no.. com broke down? Hope that doesn't affect your exams. Hang in there gal, you'll be done before you know it =)