Friday, July 06, 2007

Hong Kong Cafe, Thomson Road, Singapore

There seems to be so many of these Hong Kong styled cafes popping up that eventually I ended up in one for some after-dinner sweets.

The menu is pretty vast but we decided to go for some of the safer options.

The mango, pomelo, sago and ice-cream was cold and creamy without being too sweet. Great stuff for this hot weather.

The French toast looked rather impressive when it arrived.

But it was a pity that the amount of peanut butter was so scarce in this that you couldn't really taste much of it at all. The bread seemed slightly too dense as well.

The durian pudding was a pleasant surprise being rather rich in durian flavor. You could actually see the durian pulp bits in this. Some hits and misses here, but the large array of items on the menu gives you a few visits before they're exhausted.


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