Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunset, Yang Ming Shan, Taipei, Taiwan

I love Taiwan; for her food, her people, her culture. Except for her politics (which we won't discuss at any length), this is a country which I have a huge soft spot for. Whenever I'm here, I make it a point to take a little hike around Yang Ming Shan, the scenary is always very soothing here and it's amazing that just a short journey from the main hustle and bustle of Taipei City lies this epitome of peace and tranquility.

As the cliff faces West, you can get some pretty nifty sunset views.

The Sun is impaled on twigs oh no!

She's smoking. The juxtapositioning of the clouds above the Sun here, gives me an impression as those she's sizzling as she crosses the horizon.

"Here comes the Sun, Here comes the Sun"
(wait a minute, shouldn't it be here goes the Sun?)

Man... if I lived in that shed, I could experience this sunset everyday.

Just peeking from the horizon.

The little dot moves like clockwork everday.
The Sun; Man's original timepiece.

The last picture isn't a sunset but the moon rising. I like it quite abit so I decided to throw it in for the heck of it. I used to be a total night crawler, getting up only when the moon rose and sleeping throughout the day, those were days long passed of course. Hmm.. I'm rambling on.. I always tend to get abit personal when I'm thinking about Taiwan.



Cindy Chia said...

hey D,

those pictures are reali awesome! coolness

Sait Pote Devil said...

you know, i always been a big fan of yr blog for the food, kinda surprised that you will post pics of sceneries...

But its surprisely nice! thanks! thinking of making a trip to taiwan after this =)

D said...

cinder_cin: Thanks!

Kaz xenon: "The Occasional Sunset" is part of Dancing Blue Seal as well remember? =)