Friday, July 27, 2007

Tian Tian - Farewell II

We seemed to be hitting all the old favorites in this little farewell series. Here's the front of Tian Tian, which I don't see very often because I like to sit in the alley behind. There's something about eating in an alley which accentuates that whole feeling of "hardcore" dining haha.

We started with the usual staples such as the steamed bamboo clams with garlic.

Deep fried rock oysters.

The prawn paste chicken here is pretty good although my preferred choice is still Fatty Weng's.

This is the first time I'm trying their prawns fried with salted egg yolk and it's not too bad. It's abit different from the ones in Hong Kong due to the addition of the curry leaves and chili bits but that didn't bother me.

Salt and pepper spareribs, just some mammal to balance the meal.

I've always liked the fried rice here because the rice doesn't stick together and each individual grain has an intense smokey wok hei flavor. This came with scallops and huge ones they were.



Anonymous said...

Farewell?! Oh noooo.. I'm going to miss your blog on local food ;(

J said...

its time to say good bye for the summer........

D said...

anon: I'll still continue to blog, yes, I've decided, I will. It won't be on local food though, it'll be on local autoparts! Haha... I'm kidding.. it's still going to be on food.. but not local yeah.

j: I wish Autumn would come soon!

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