Monday, July 09, 2007

Kazu - Farewell I

Kazu has got to be one of my all time favorite joints. Although I've already featured this place twice, here's one more to start a series of farewells. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Chicken hearts.

Chicken skins.

Wild duck.

Enoki mushrooms wrapped with pork belly.

Foie gras.

Grilled inigiri.

Beef tongue.

Japanese wagyu striploin.

Lamb chops.


Pork and apple.

Asparagus wrapped with pork belly.

Shitake mushrooms.

Sweet potatoes with butter.



Anonymous said...

hi there. i like the pictures you take. can i know what camera/model are you using pls? tks!

kahsean said...

mmmmmm i miss eating satays! do u noe where i can get some over here in perth that are nt a rip as well?!

Anonymous said...

Mr. D, Why did you put "Farewell I" as the heading??? You are not going away are you???

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Lets materialise our $$ meal after a year with laoban. Haha

Sammy said...

Yo dude, what farewell? Where you zipping off to this time?

Anonymous said...


but they dont look soft and 'melt in your mouth' mashy like it should be!

D said...

anon1: This was with my latest toy, a sony t-100 =), most of my other pictures are taken with my trusty lil' ixus40

kahsean: I know this place that's pretty good, but you have to cook them yourself. Will MSN you the details when I see you online.

anon2: Yes, I'm going away.

kingkong: One year goes by too quick aye?

YD: Yoyo! How are your plans coming along? All ready for your "farewell" too?

girl: You're right, these weren't as "mashy" as I hoped them to be but they weren't too hard either, mashing them with the butter made them really delicious though =D

red fir said...

Sorry I'm slow haha but why WERE you going away?