Sunday, July 15, 2007

Xiao Fei Yang, Shanghai

Xiao Fei Yang (literally translated as "Little Fat Lamb") is a chain of hotpot restaurants in China specializing in its namesake dish of fatty lamb cuts.

We ordered the half and half soup with the spicy mala variant on one side and the mild savory ginseng chicken on the other. As a mala fan I naturally concentrated on that flavor and can say that this was indeed good mala. The generosity in the spices here added that nice boost in flavor and fiery oomph.

There are a few varieties of lamb dishes here. This is one of enoki mushrooms wrapped in thin slices of lamb. This was pretty good but the mushrooms which were pretty amusing at the start did little to enhance the intended carnivorous nature of this meal.

A huge platter of pure lamb meat was up next. The freshness and quality was indeed quite good as these tasted rather delectable after a quick swoosh around in the hot broth.

For those who aren't too keen on lamb, the beef here is pretty good too.

In addition to the meats, they have a huge array of seafood, mushrooms, beancurds and noodles. But the next time I'm back, I'm just going to stick to the meats. I guess Mary had a little lamb no more.



Anonymous said...

The meat looks quality enough mate.

Did they do poultry too?

Lord Dianabol

D said...

They did have some poultry but seriously, how can one be tempted to order bird when there's nice fatty red meat? =D