Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Haul from Margaret River

Besides all the eating that took place in M.River, we still managed to have quite a fruitful time increasing our wine collection. A haul of 64 bottles this time. Off the top of my head it consisted of:

Bettenay Premium Wines - Lostplot Sweetdreams
Bettenay Premium Wines - N.V White Port
Bettenay Premium Wines - 2003 Sparkling Shiraz
Vasse Felix 2005 CaneCut Semillon
Cape Mentelle 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon
Juniper Crossing Wrights White Port
Juniper Estate 2004 CaneCut Riesling
Adifern Estate Shepherd's Harmony 2005 Autumn Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon
Voyager Estate 2003 Shiraz
Voyager Estate 2004 Shiraz
Howard Park 2005 Merlot
Howard Park 2005 Riesling
Beckett's Flat 2006 Liquer Chardonnay
Belizar's (Beckett's Flate)
2005 Autumn Harvest


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