Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tempeh Chips

Tempeh is a very versatile dish and is also relatively cost-efficient (you can get a small slab for as little as SGD40c). Made from fermented beans, it has a unique flavor by itself and requires little seasoning. This is an interesting snack I concocted quite recently which turned out really well. It's not only great for your vegan (apparently some people do not eat meat!) friends but is also a protein-enhanced alternative to your regular potato crisps.

Warning: This is VERY easy to make.

1. Tempeh
2. Batter
3. Oil for deep-frying

1. Mix some batter, I normally make an eyeball 50/50 mix of corn and rice flour mixed in cold water
2. Slice your tempeh into really thin slices, approximately 2-3mm in width
3. Dip your tempeh into the batter and let any excess run off
4. Deep-fry them till golden crisp
5. Let the chips drain on the side before serving hot


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