Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, Temple St, Singapore

Just a little walk down from Xiao Ping Hotpot is this pretty cool dessert shop selling a variety of desserts including the Hong Kong style milk and egg custards. Not too bad a place to get some sweets after a savory, spicy meal. This place closes pretty early though at about eight-ish so don't rock up at supper time.

They also offer some snacks such as local savory yam cakes and rice dumplings but their desserts are still their mainstay offerings. I noticed that they seem to be pushing alot of Farmer Brand peanuts over the counter as well and to satisfy my curiosity I asked them if they were agents or distributors for the Farmer Brand. The lady at the counter said in a flat matter-of-fact tone, "This is OUR brand. We have owned it for almost 60 years" whilst tapping at the Chinese characters on the packet of peanuts which *gasp* actually spelled "Mei Heong Yuen". I felt like the total dumbass because I've only always known them as Farmer Brand peanuts without actually trying to figure out what the Chinese characters mean haha.

We ordered the egg white custard with ginger and the walnut paste, both of which were not too shabby at all. One thing I liked about their desserts was they weren't too sweet although I heard later from some colleagues that this tends to fluctuate at times. I'll come back one day to try their cold "mango with pomelo and sago" only for the reason that it occupies more real estate on their picture menu than the others and therefore it MUST be good.



Anonymous said...

What can I say, this blog is superb. Bravo!

D said...

Thanks, I'm still quite the greenhorn when it comes to blogging but I hope to be in it for the long-run. Cheers!