Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sarawak Kolo Mee, Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore

This branch popped up a few weeks ago near one of the places I work so my colleagues and I decided to check it out. I must admit that there seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding this joint with huge banners, pictures with local celebrities and whatnot. So it claimed to have a "new taste" and is a "must try", honestly, I'm not sure how famous this is or I must be living in a hole for too long because I've never heard of it before; till this one appeared. We decided to order a bit of everything on their menu to give them a fair chance.

So it arrived, the only main difference I saw was the noodles looked like instant noodles but were apparently fresh and "air-flown from Sarawak daily". Disappointingly, it tasted pretty much like instant noodles too! They had some local chilli at the side which helped salvage this dish abit but despite a generous wallop of the stuff it still remained rather unremarkable. This bowl of noodles was also priced at SGD6.00, which I feel is quite a rip-off.

The fish soup was quite pathetic. It seemed that monosodium glutamate was the seasoning of choice here and fish mongers were on strike. I could see this meal becoming a forgettable one pretty soon.

The only dish that was half-decent was perhaps the fried dumplings. At least the oil they were fried in seemed fresh. That being said, I really need to ask my friends from Kuching if this is really how "Kolo mee" should be or I had been hoodwinked into trying some poor imitation.


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Nimi Momo said...

wtf? mee kolok with prawn? who taught them to do that?