Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Tea Party, Sixth Ave Centre, Singapore

Sometimes it's nice to find a place to chill without alcohol. I don't really drink coffee regularly so The Tea Party is just my cup of tea (please forgive me, I couldn't resist it haha).

Despite coming to this place quite often I only just took notice of this sign (maybe it wasn't here before?) on the front door. It's a nice little ego boost because the little wheels starting turning, then you start to think to yourself, "Busy professionals actually dine here? Hmm.. I dine here... wait a minute.. I could be a busy professional.... I AM a busy professional" I like it how they put the "actually" in italics as well, seems as though someone was trying to dispute that fact haha. Ok, I digress for far too long, let's move on to the food stuff.

This place has about fifty different varieties of tea. They used to have about a hundred varieties before but streamlined their menu about two months ago. Then again, fifty is still a huge selection and would satisfy most tea connoisseurs. They provide sugar and milk but I normally drink my tea straight. Having a hot cup of tea whilst lounging back on their comfortable suede sofas is a great way to chill into the night or early morning (they open till 2am on weekends).

I normally come to this place for a post-dinner chill out so although they serve some savories on the menu like pizzas and pastas, I just go for some of the sweets. This slice of blueberry cheesecake was rather unremarkable. It did not taste creamy enough, in fact it tasted almost gelatinous in texture. It was a huge slice though, so whatever quality which was lacking was made up with quantity (still rather unforgiveable in my opinion). I reckon they need to source for a better supplier of cheesecakes since they do not make theirs on the premise.

On the other hand, Tea Party redeems herself by serving some of the best scones I've had in Singapore, in fact there were on par with the ones I had at Flutes. Slightly crisp on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside, accompanied with the whipped creamcheese (you can opt for butter instead if you so please) it's just a little chunk of heaven. It's only flavored by the fruit that's in it such as raisins or cranberries so it won't be too sweet and overpower your cup of tea. I'm sort of confused if they make these on the premises because I asked them if they did about half a year ago and they said "no" and this time they said "yes". Doesn't really matter though, they still taste good.

Due to it's rather secluded location which is rather inconvenient if you don't drive and slightly above average prices (a pot of tea costs about SGD7.00), this place doesn't see your typical crowd of kids like the larger chains such as Starbucks, Coffeebean etc... which can be good or bad depending on what sort of crowd you prefer, but I like to end my weekends on a quiet note, listening to soft chillout music, sipping a cup of tea, nibbling a scone and not overhearing any adolsecents whine about how "sucky" their lives are.

On a final note, please do not fall victim to the stupid concept of creamcheese rationing. I love the creamcheese so much that I always only put tiny amounts on my scone and at the end, I'm left looking silly with a crumb of a scone and huge dallop of creamcheese. I don't know about you but I seem to constantly fall victim to the ~insert any delicious condiment here~ rationing scam.



Anonymous said...

Looks like you are not having enough of C's cheese cakes?

D said...

Well I guess I would have to answer your question with another question (fans of Ben Stiller will know this line heh). "Is it possible to ever get enough cheesecake?"

Anonymous said...

I eat my scones (home-made) with jam! And if overseas, cannot resist some clotted cream.

The way to "ration" is..overload each nugget of scone with condiments AND THEN ASK FOR MORE!!

Can you tell I'm hungry? Wish it were Friday :P