Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Leeuwin Apartments, Margaret River, WA

I actually made a reservation at the Food Farmacy in Dunsborough for dinner tonight because they were having a special on rabbit but since the lunch at Flute's was rather late and we were all still heaps full from it, we decided to cancel our reservations and just chill in our townhouse. After awhile of chilling we decided to make a little snack (because we all know it's wrong to go to sleep on an empty stomach).

C went out and came back with some Hungarian salami, prosciutto, rolled mozzarella, stuffed olives and mini peppers. This formed our little starter platter which we ate with crackers and French onion dip.

Instant noodles with boiled meatballs and chicken drumsticks were also whipped up for the main. This was actually very welcomed, refreshing and also rather amusing; the very fact we were eating noodles with chopsticks in M.River being one of the best meals we had. The 2005 late Autumn harvest from Belizar's (Beckett's Flat) was a nice accompaniment to the meal because it was slightly sweet which helped play down the saltiness of the cheeses, noodle soup and cured meats.


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Sebastian Ng said...

I wish I had a tasty monitor... then i could eat and sample those food >.< man making me so hungry... never getting to eat food like that in kalgoorlie... >.<