Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Have Car, Will Travel

The world of automobiles is an ever evolving one and a multi-billion dollar industry. It is a world of horsepowers, quarter-mile timings, V6s, V8s, turbo-charging, super-charging, scantily-clad models, 0-100s, torque etc. Somehow, perhaps because I've already been there and done that, my interest in all this technical mumbo-jumbo has waned and the only excitement I get from a vehicle is if I know it's going to transport me somewhere which serves kickass grub.
I felt that no metal box on four wheels could ignite much interest in me anymore. I'm also not a strong believer in love at first sight but no amount of skepticism could prepare me for my encounter the car of my dreams. I was having a little weekend get-away in Dearborn, Michigan and decided to visit the Henry Ford Automotive Museum where I saw this baby - The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile!!! I fell for it immediately. I figured since I can't physically BE an Oscar Mayer wiener (damn that's a catchy-ass song isn't it?) I could at least damn well drive one.

And to all you guys out there who feel that cars should be chick-magnets, here's some word of advice.

1. If a chick only goes out with you because of your car, you're going to be in for some miserable times.
2. BUT you won't have any problem getting the ladies with this baby!

OK everybody, sing together now!

"Oh I wish I were an Os-car Mayer Wie - ner
That is what I'd tru-ly like to be
'cause if I were an Os-car May-er Wie - ner
Ev-ery one would be in love with me."


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Anonymous said...

What can I say, the babe you're gonna pick up with the OMWM is going to be some babe! *lol