Monday, August 14, 2006

Knight's Inn Steakhouse, Margaret River, WA

This steakhouse resides in the vicinity of Knight's Inn. Actually, it's correct name is Margaret River Steakhouse but I just thought that would be silly in the title so I've used its landmark Knight's Inn instead. Having passed by this joint a few times in the last few years, I have never felt inclined to give it shot because it just looked so tacky. But after a few disappointingly small serves at the rest of the so-called "upmarket" restaurants, I was willing to risk tackiness just to get a decent steak.

You can only imagine my glee when I found out they served not only a variety of cuts but also gave us the option of having them by different weights.

But before the main course, we decided to tease ourselves with some starters which were really quite good. The garlic prawns pictured above were served with some fragrant jasmine rice. This was really rather refreshing, because it tasted almost like an Asian meal and after a continuous barrage of a few Western meals, perhaps I was subconsciously craving a good ol' bowl of rice. They also serve an extremely tasty deep-fried camembert for starters as well.

No prizes for guessing what I had for my maincourse. The 500g rib fillet looked as impressive as it sounded but unfortunately did not taste as good as I hoped it would be. It was actually done more like "medium-well" than just the "medium-rare" I asked for. The quality of the cut managed to buffer this quite a bit and in all honesty it was still bloody good steak, just not as bloody (read juicy) as I hoped it to be. As you can see, I requested for my sauce to be on the side and even then I did not use much of it because I prefer to enjoy the natural flavor of the beef.

This is just another picture to show its cross-section relative to the fork. As you can see, it was one mutha' of a slice, but as you can also see, it was definitely cooked beyond "medium-rare" as well. The other mains we ordered were the pink snapper and the double-baked venison ribs, both which deserve some mention because they tasted pretty good too. I was later also informed by the waiter that their chef had actually just changed, so I'm giving him (or her) the benefit of doubt that it takes awhile to get used to the heat of new cooking equipment. That being said, this was actually one of the most enjoyable meals I had in M.River and it took place in a seemingly tacky steakhouse. I'll definitely drop by here again for my 1/2 kg piece of meat.


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