Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wino's, Margaret River, WA

Wino's is along the main M.River strip and is one of the more popular joints to get some grub. They were pretty crowded but it was a Friday night afterall. The service here like more slightly upmarket places was pretty good and of course the wine selection was pretty excellent too.

This is one of the starters we ordered, grilled duck liver with herb butter. It was really quite tasty, I can only imagine how much more satisfying it would have been if they used goose liver instead, then again, the price would have probably tripled as well.

Another starter which wasn't too bad were the stuffed sardines. They were stuffed with onions, wildrice and spices. Anything that's chargrilled with nice little crispy edges is always welcomed on a cool winter night.
The seafood parpadelle main was quite tasty too. The seafood used were fresh and the clams especially were sweet and succulent. The parpadelle could have been done abit more al dente though because it was a tad bit too soft.

Scotch fillet was the other main ordered worth mentioning. I mean, there's nothing really hard in making a good steak, it's not rocket science. Just use fresh high grade (grade 5 preferably) steak (a good cut like ribeye or scotch is a bonus too), cook it just right, salt and pepper. The natural flavor of the beef if good enough, shouldn't warrant any massive amounts of sauces, gravies or marinades.

Dessert was sticky date pudding with a caramel sauce. Didn't take a picture of that one but it was another foolproof choice. Similar to the one's you get at Witch's Cauldron in Subiaco.


p.s: Too bad the pictures didn't come out too good, the poor lighting doesn't do much to help.

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