Monday, August 21, 2006

Meidi-Ya, Liang Court, Singapore

Sometimes we're too lazy at work to dine-in so we take-away. Whenever we go down to Tampopo at Liang Court, we always have a fun time looking around at all the stuff in the Meidi-Ya supermarket. Everything looks so neatly packed and arranged it's almost like being in a toyshop. Today we decided to just get an assortment of pre-cooked grub from Meidi-Ya and stuff ourselves silly back at work.

We each had our ricebowl and shared the side-dishes. Not surprisingly though, with the amount we ordered we could have dined in somewhere instead but we really wanted to try to re-enact the slave-driven Japanese-I've-go-to-eat-in-my-office feel. I was later informed by a colleague who works in a Japanese company that they only get one ricebowl or bentobox so my version might have been slightly over-the-top (I'm not complaining haha). Meidi-Ya's food is slightly better than the sushi offerings from local supermarkets, perhaps even as good as some of the localised Japanese restaurants but of course it still can't beat dining at a proper Japanese restaurant, there's just something about heating up my karaage in a microwave that doesn't seem quite right.

To complete the whole Jap affair, we took some imported drinks as well. I went for the Calpico because there was no indication on the bottle at all on how it's supposed to taste like. It said "Pure and Gentle Flavor" on the front. Gee, I was really excited to taste "purity" and "gentleness" which are more like human virtues than flavors but in the end it only tasted like diluted carbonated Yakult - not too flash. Maybe mine wasn't chilled enough so I'll give it another go in the future when I'm up for more "pure and gentle flavor".


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