Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Barbecued Long Ribs Chinese Style

This basically follows exactly the same recipe as my previous post except that instead of using meaty babyback ribs, I used a long rib cut instead.

A slab of long ribs tends to be more uneven that babyback ribs so you may have to prop up one side with a small plate or bowl to get even charring. The uneven thickness distribution also may result in certain areas cooking first, so judicious use of foil for shielding is highly advised.

If you intend on serving it as a whole slab, the long rib cut does in some way look more impressive by virtue of its sheer magnitude.

However, when it comes to the taste test, I still preferred the babyback ribs. The flavor was just as good but long ribs lacked that nice layer of fat and the bone to meat ratio wasn't as good as the babyback ribs. I'm definitely not complaining, I really enjoyed this but still felt that babyback ribs were more suited for this recipe. On the other hand, I reckon this cut will be good for making spicy pork rib soup.


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