Sunday, November 26, 2006

CWF Part 4: Spicy Honey Lemon Drumettes

This is the fourth and last in the four-part "Chicken Wing Fourplay" (CWF) series. The inspiration for this is pretty obvious. I'm quite the fan of buffalo wings and although I was always pretty disappointed with the "extremely hot" level that I got from the "Buffalo Wild Wings - Grill and Bar" in the States, I still find myself back there for some wings and to watch sport on the big screens.

I've always been rather amused (I guess I'm easily amused heh) with their pager system, not only does this thing vibrate but it flashes as well. That's really what I need before my dinner, a moment of hysteria haha.


1. HP sauce, chilli sauce, honey, barbecue sauce, grated parmesan (basically any random thing you can find in your fridge that's tangy and spicy)
2. Drumettes
3. Salt and pepper
4. Plain flour
5. Lemon


1. Marinate the drumettes with salt and pepper
2. Coat with plain flour

3. Deep-fry the drumettes till just about cooked

4. Pour your sauces and other random condiments onto your drumettes

5. Mix well
6. Bake in the oven at about 180degC (non fan-forced) at 10 minute intervals

7. Stir the wings to evenly distribute the sauce at each interval

8. Continue to do this until a nicely charred texture and thick, saucy glazed consistency is achieved
9. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and stir just before serving

Serve hot!

Hence ends my little four-part series on how to jazz up your little humble chicken wing. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did creating it.



Freezy said...

wah.. never realise that deep frying is involved!!

Anonymous said...

aiyo Im suffering here! Now Im really craving for some wings.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed it! Thank you :)

- grace

Anonymous said...

Hi D,

I'm planning to make this dish this weekend. Couple of questions though.

- Can I not add the grated parmesan? My kids hate cheese.

- Can I skip the deep frying and grill the wings after marinating?

Thanks so much! BTW, my family love the roast pork, thanks for sharing the recipe.