Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sunset in Chicago, Illinois, USA

At 94 stories high, the view from the Hancock Observatory (not to be confused with the 60 storey John Hancock Tower) cannot be described as anything but spectacular. Taking sunset photos from a such an aerial view is always fun, the other location I enjoy snapping sunset photos is by the sea.

This place isn't open-air like the Empire State Building because of the strong winds that blow across this city (Chicago is known as the Windy City). This shot shows Navy Pier, a popular tourist attraction with touristy food and a large ferris wheel.

Chicago is really a symbol of resilience and tenacity since most of it was destroyed during the Great Chicago Fire, they have managed to rebuild themselves to one of nicest (I'm biased because Chicago is my second favorite city in the USA haha) sprawling cities.

The architecture of some of the buildings such as the Chicago Tribune Building still maintain an old Chicago charm. The days of Al Capone.

Since this place is all sealed up with glass walls because of the strong winds, it also leaves an annoying reflection in my photographs as the day grows darker.

South Chicago isn't really a pretty sight compared to the rest of Chicago and some guidebooks have even advised travellers not to go there because it can get rather dangerous. It is however, home to the Bulls Stadium, where there's a huge statue of Michael Jordan (the only man who has defied gravity) erected in his honor. The Bulls Stadium is almost in the centre of this photograph. It's a white, broad and flatish building with the rounded edges.

I accidentally left this out when I posted this. How could I forget the beautiful coastline of Chicago? Well, technically it's not really a coast because that's not the sea. That's Lake Michigan, one big mama of a lake!

Just when I was about to leave for dinner, I saw this sign which I thought was rather amusing. I think I would have stood a better chance of survival if I smashed a window and jumped down instead haha.


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