Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spicy Grilled Belly Pork Vietnamese Style

I'm quite ashamed to admit that although we finished the beef and almost everything else during the 100th post celebration, we did not manage to finish the pork. No biggie, meat is very easy to recycle. I marinated it that very night because it had been sitting in room temperature for quite a while (actually it was really near a slab of hot stone). My favorite method of cooking thinly sliced belly pork is to grill it, not really because I'm that concerned about letting the fat drip off but rather because I like that semi-charred crisp finish that I can get from my grill.

1. Thinly sliced belly pork
2. Pounded ginger
3. Salt, pepper, sugar
4. Fish sauce
5. Pounded lemon grass
6. Japanese chilli powder

1. Marinate the pork with the pounded ginger, salt, pepper, fish sauce, lemon grass

2. Place slices on a rack for grilling

3. Generously scatter chilli powder

4. Grill till nicely charred
5. Serve hot

I wanted to impart a slight Vietnamese twist to this dish by using the fish sauce and lemon grass but the Japanese chilli powder went so well with it that night that I could not resist adding some as well. This is a variant of a dish in Vietnam where beef slices are used instead and grilled over a charcoal grill and that's basically where I got my inspiration from.



Anonymous said...

Hello! I am just curious, what is fish sauce?

- Cindy

D said...

cindy: Fish sauce is a sauce made predominantly from fermented fish (dried or fresh) and salt (although additional herbs and spices may be used). It is used extensively in Vietnamese cooking (as nước mắm) as not only a marinate but also as a dipping sauce. It is also used in Thai (น้ำปลา) cuisine, various South East Asian and Southern China dishes. To describe its taste loosely, it's like a salty light soy sauce with a slight fishy taste =)

Anonymous said...

Btw, that anonymous person above is NOT me! lol my name is too common.

So, I was going to say..oh yes! I was going to say my friend warned me of that too. That it might be a vit deficiency or else something related to gastro-problems. I'm a little prone to gastric. hmm..I'm gonna have to think about this a bit. And see if it happens again even when I'm sleeping more.

Fish sauce is great! The Thais use it for everything!

D said...

cindy(real one?): Haha, I did think it was funny that you didn't link your name. Fish sauce is cool, I've got this recipe of Vietnamese duck porridge that I've yet to post. The dipping sauce is made of fish sauce, lemon juice, chilli, garlic and ginger. Very nice. Yeah, good idea to see a specialist if you get ulcers again. Remember, best to see an OMOP (oral medicine oral pathology) specialist first they are most suited for this because this is confined to the oral cavity. GPs won't be able to help you much at all.