Saturday, November 18, 2006

Crispy Lard Bits

The crispy lard bit is an essential condiment in Chinese coffeeshop eateries (Zi Chars). Crispy lard bits are also a tasty snack by themselves. They're extremely easy to make and the oil that's released from the pork lard is great for use in cooking later on!


1. Pork fat
2. Salt and pepper


1. Chop pork fat into small pieces

2. Fry at low heat to release the oil

3. Remove the bits when they have turned golden brown
4. Cool till crisp

5. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste

1. Do not fry the bits till they are crisp or else they will be too hard when cooled, the cooling process actually makes the bits go crunchy
2. You can buy pork fat from most butchers but I normally just use the fatty layer from a slab of belly pork (my favorite cut for pork dishes)



Anonymous said...

people always say its heavenly to have lard bits in mee pok.. and i always wonder whats that.. now i know!

(: looks like those crackers that come in packs though~

D said...

Yes it is! I always request for EXTRA lard bits in my mee pok =D

Anonymous said...

The best crispy pork lard is from Bukit Merah View's Kopitiam...the one with the Teochew Porridge. The pork lard used in the noodle store there is the best I've tasted.