Friday, November 17, 2006

Roasted Meat, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

It's always pleasing to find little gems in the heartlands of Singapore. In fact, some (or most) of the best grub in Singapore are found in the heartlands where people are still keeping it real. I was in the area of Ang Mo Kio and decided to stop by somewhere for lunch. This coffeeshop at Blk 332 Ave 1 had a little crowd going on, so I stopped by and had a look.

To my utter delight, I saw a whole suckling pig being hung up at this stall simply named "Roasted Meat". To make things even better, this little slab of porcine splendor wasn't reserved for anyone and they sold it in portions as well.

Turns out they only make suckling pigs for retail during the weekends, so I guess it was my lucky day. This was still fresh when I ate it, the skin was super crisp and the meat was still moist and warm. They also had the "Peking duck" sauce for dipping, not just the common dark and sickly sweet soy sauce.

The roast duck looked really good too, so I ordered half a bird for lunch and the other half to-go. Man, was this good roast duck and on promotion at only 18SGD a bird, it was almost a steal. The skin was thin and crisp but best of all, it was served mostly deboned. To top it off, their chilli sauces were good too.



Anonymous said...

Ive been craving for peking duck manz! With puml sauce, spring onions n crepe! aiyo my fav.. its the only fatty meat I like!

Unclenabe said...

Whoa... Suckling pig... Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I have been living in AMK this while, and didnt know there is such a place to eat. Thanks!

D said...

michie: Hard to get good Peking duck in Singapore though. No one seems to "blow up (with air)" the ducks anymore

unclenabe: It is too =)

ceil: Do give them a shot, I've only tried them once and don't know if they're consistent