Sunday, November 05, 2006

Walkers Shortbreads, Esplanade, Singapore

I was getting pretty excited during the finale just before the intermission because I was hoping they would serve those mini steamed hamburgers that they ocassionally do at the Esplanade. Unfortuntely, they did not serve any hot food at all tonight. I did see something at the bar that I had not seen before; Walkers Shortbreads. Although these are made in Scotland, I remembered having quite a bit of them when I was in Australia. For old time's sake, I got some to nibble on.

Just before I opened the pack, I had a quick glimpse at the ingredients to make sure it was what I remembered it to be. "Butter (min 31%)" Alright, they spoke my language. Anything which is made out of almost a third of butter is definitely worth eating haha. Funny how as I was snacking on this and listening to the idle chatter in the background about the orchestra, music, composers etc, all I could think to myself was, "Hmm... this still tastes pretty damn good."


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