Friday, November 03, 2006

Roast Chook, Soy Bean Milk & Dough Fritters, Blk 79 Redhill Market, Singapore

Nothing gets me going at the start of the day than a hearty breakfast. I'm not usually a cereal and toast person and I usually need something meaty to jumpstart my day such as sausages, steaks or at least eggs. Blk 79 Redhill market is a place where I go for breakfast on those rare days when I indulge in a bit of sleeping in late because the bulk of the stalls here are only active from 730am onwards.

So here I was, 715am at my favorite roast chook (chicken) stall just as they were starting business for the day. It's best to come at this time I reckon because the chooks are still piping hot and fresh.

Paper thin crisp skin covering tender chicken flesh and a generous douse of sesame oil and light soy sauce makes this an excellent start to the day. Their chicken rice is not bad as well but today I wanted to indulge in some dough fritters.

Nothing pairs up better with dough fritters like hot soy bean milk. Soy bean milk and dough fritters go together like pork and apples, lamb and rosemary, Bush and Cheney... ok I think you get the idea haha. This stall has very creamy and thick soy bean milk. It's so thick that if you leave it to cool abit you can observe a thin layer of coagulated soy bean milk forming on top.

There's more than one dough fritter stall in this market and I generally find most of them just as good if you go early enough to get them fresh.

I like to eat my dough fritters with soy bean milk like how I eat my donuts with coffee. By dunking them!



zhengning said...

My dad loves dipping the 'you tiao' into kopi o. Lol. anw, happy belated 100 post for ya!

D said...

zhengning: I don't usually do kopi but if I do it has to be gao (thick) and with milk. I like my morning beverages milky =P Thanks for the congrats.