Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Picnic by the Swan

Singapore's a great place with good food, it's very centralized and is great as a travel hub to other countries with great food as well. However, there are still some things I miss about Perth, Western Australia (besides family and friends of course haha). One of those things is just a simple lunch picnic in the park just besides my abode overlooking the Swan River.

Grab a tasty breadroll from any European deli. I normally go for the mixed meat with extra butter, salad and a dash of salt and pepper.

Since this deli I get my breadrolls from is rather generous with the salad, I usually order a 200g side-serve of spicy salami to supplement my lunch and in a way, just to balance things out a little hehe.

Wash it all down with a cold Chinotto (Italian soda) whilst watching the boats go by on the clear blue waters of the Swan. Chinotto is a drink for those with an acquired taste. It tastes sweet at first but has a slightly bitter aftertaste; I love the stuff.

Singapore is great for many things but somehow I can never replicate this experience here.


p.s: If anyone knows where I can get Bisleri Chinotto in Singapore, please let me know? I'm not fond of the more popular San Pellegrino brand.


Anonymous said...

I feel like Subway now stud.

But yeah, been awhile since I had Bisleri Chinotto.

Tomorrow night, Tonitalia's and chinotto!!!

Lord DBol

Unclenabe said...

Oei, why you never show MY sandwich from that day ?

Anonymous said...

I feel like going New Zealand now..lol but I'll be there in less than 2 weeks.

I've never heard of Butcher House, give me your review when you've tried it. I haven't seen any butcher oppo Valley Point so I must look out as I live right on Holt Rd opposite!

btw, I get all comments because I get email notification and a link to the post in question, lol I was a bit thrown to see a comment to an old post. :)

Anonymous said...

D: I just saw Butcher House today while on my way to work. It's a small single unit with a simple blue words on white signboard. There was a flower stand display outside probably congratulating them on being newly opened. It's VERY near my place..so let me know what's good there and prices. Although we're not fancy with meat, we usually get from Cold Storage or my dad's supplier.

The roast tenderloin you saw on my blog was from the supplier, frozen but that doesn't stop me haha

Anonymous said...

Yes, the simple sign kinda made me interested too!

Dropped you an email at your hotmail account.

And if you like lamb, I like the sirloin half lamb leg with bone from Cold Storage. About 1.7kg, sometimes on offer for $30, I think it's great value! Otherwise it's $36-$40.

For sausages, for breakfast I like the fresh ones Cold Storage brand. Fry it up with mushrooms and tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, make some fresh crumbly scones..you saw that pic on my blog too.

Anonymous said...

is this sandwich from perth? u went there recently?

Anonymous said...

sorry for off topic-ness, but i replied to the comment on my papaya milk post, could you confirm it for me? O_O

D said...

Lord Dbol: Tonitalia's and chinotto Damn dawg!!!!! I was almost tempted to buy a ticket to Perth and fly over tonight! You guys celebrate on my behalf aye?

unclenabe: Your sandwich had too much rabbit food (aka salad) in it =P

lavender cupcaker: This was during late August when Spring's just setting in, lovely weather. I do go back to Perth to visit a few times a year.

girl: Done and done =)