Sunday, May 06, 2007

D is for Donut

I love donuts so much, I wanted to be cop when I was young. I was even tempted to fail my quizzes in primary school to get that "donut" the teachers spoke of. This is a very simple recipe which produces a tasty yeast-based donuts (a la K.Kreme) i.e. the soft and fluffy sort as opposed to the denser cake sort.


1. 6 cups plain flour (or more if required)
2. 2 satchets of yeast
3. 1-1/2 cups warm milk
4. A pinch of salt
5. 1/2 cup sugar
6. 100g butter
7. 2 eggs
8. Vegetable oil (for frying)

Honey Glaze
1. Honey
2. Sugar
3. Vanilla essence
4. Water
5. Butter

1. Pour the two satchets of yeast into about 100ml of warm water and leave it for about 15 minutes
2. Mix the butter, sugar, eggs, salt and milk on slow speed until smooth
3. Mix in the yeast and about two cups of flour till you obtain a paste-like texture

4. Add the remaining flour and manually mix and knead till a soft elastic texture is obtained (add more flour if it's too wet)

5. Place the dough in a greased bowl and cling wrap the top
6. Set it aside in a warm place for about an hour and the volume should double (or more!)

7. With a rolling pin, roll the dough (using copious amounts of extra flour if it's too sticky) into sheets of about 1/2 an inch in thickness
8. Using cookie cutters, cut out the donut shapes

9. Line them up on a lightly greased tray prior to frying

10. Glaze (no fixed proportions here)
a. Melt some butter in a pan
b. Stir in sugar and honey till desired flavor is obtained
c. Add a few drops of vanilla essence

d. Add water and stir on low heat until desired viscosity is achieved

11. Heat oil on medium heat, test the temperature first by sacrificing one of those donut centers
12. Fry each donut for about 20-30s on each side (they cook very quickly!)

13. Set aside donuts to cool and excess oil to drip off (they won't pick up the glaze if they're too greasy or too hot)

14. Dip one side of each donut into the honey glaze and serve warm!

There we go, no long queues at this shop but still heaps of soft, fluffy and great-tasting donuts. Try experimenting with different flavors; I made a nutella one which was pretty good (just dipped into microwaved melted nutella) and a green tea one which looked pretty dodgy haha.

Of course, how could we forget what to do with the centers? Donut balls on a stick - a childhood classic.



Rice said...

I am not a donut person but the pictures on your blog look delicious.

Anonymous said...

omg can i have some? haha

Why did you get the donut cutter from btw? and what does it mean to cling wrap?

Im gonna try it out someday!

Anonymous said...

oops..i meant where did u get the donut cutter from.. not why.. muahaha

kahsean said...

mmm dat reminds to head down to wendys for some =]

Unknown said...

Mmmm, these look good :p Looks like you've caught the recent donut craze as well huh? :)

zhengning said...

Donuts! Haha, yeah donut craze is the in thing now i guess? My friends around have been speaking of where's the best donut in town! Haha.

"fail my quizzes in primary school to get that "donut" the teachers spoke of"
Haha! :p

Lord Dianabol said...

Ice-cream on donut!!!

shiyan said...

Wow. Thanks for the detailed illustration. And yes! I love those doughnut balls... Classics never go wrong. Ha ha.. Simple yet nice.

D said...

rice: Hi, thanks for dropping by. The best thing about making your own donuts is you can adjust the flavor according to your taste. Works well for me because I find most commercial donuts way to sweet

pammiez: I didn't use a donut cutter, I used a large cookie cutter for the outer circle and a mini cookie cutter for the center =D. To cling wrap means to seal the top with some plastic wrap.

kahsean: Not donut king? Puffin' fresh?

angie: I'm not sure how recent the donut craze started with me though, probably when I was five =P

zhengning: Best are the ones made at home =D Fruits of labor taste so much sweeter

lady dianabol: I know! The center is ideal for a nice scoop of rich chocolate ice-cream =D

shiyan: Do you remember how donut balls were so much easier to eat as a kid because we had like little mouths and the full sized donuts would leave sugar all over our lips whilst we could just pop the balls. Now I can just pop a whole donut as well haha!

Anonymous said...

your donuts seriously look so pro and appetising. I love the krispy kreme original glaze eaten warm with most of the glaze knocked I feel like getting one from my freezer right now but I'm at work. doh!

D said...

A k.kreme from your freezer? You've got a stash of them! Lucky!

Anonymous said...

hi there, what's the weight of each sachet of yeast you used? and which brand did you use in this recipe? thanks!

Anonymous said...

My donuts are always half cooked in the inside... I tried different heat settings but nothing works. The donuts are approx. 1 cm in thickness prior to frying.
What am I doing wrong ?