Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Puffin Fresh Donuts, Perth, Australia

There are quite a lot of local donut chains in Perth. Puffin Fresh is one of my favorites and knowing my fetish for donuts, it's hard for me to walk pass Puffin Fresh without picking up some of these doughs with the holes.

I don't know if it was subliminal suggestions from these three little gnome-like characters on the paper bag but I couldn't stop myself from munching on a few on the way back to my automobile.

I picked up two classic flavors today. Peanut and chocolate and

just plain chocolate. Soft, fluffy and fresh. These will make a great afternoon snack (if they last till then that is).



Anonymous said...

oh wow they look so yummilicious! Could you buy some back for me? hahaha

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Oh that looks lovely. Hey D, I am heading up to Ho Chi Minh City in June.. what do you recommend?

kahsean said...

where is it in perth? il go get em n try ehhe

Freezy said...

you are in perth???? those donuts looks great!! how i wish they have them here in Singapore!

D said...

pammiez: Do I know you?? Are you Pam Taylor?

zen: I'll drop you an email before th week is over. I've sent a Saigon list once to another blogger, it should still be somewhere in my mail =)

kahsean: Belmont forum! Haha, whoop whoop for you South-siders =P

freezy: Yup, back for slightly over a week. You know what's the best part about this donut shop? No queue! Haha! =P

Unknown said...

Aren't you having the jolly time, traipsing from M'sia all the way down under! So, are u heading up north to the Top End?

You tried the Good Fortune roast duck in Northbridge yet? There's also this great dimsum (by HK chef) restaurant next to Chin's Noodle House in Leeming. Can't remember the exact name, but it was Emperor sthg ..?

Have fun!

D said...

jas: Yup, had Good Fortune roast duck like yoinks ago and I do go for yumcha at Emperor's Kitchen i.e. the place next to Chin's Noodle House =D I've lived here for quite a long time heh.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you are in PERTH!!! :-0
Ok....enjoy....especially the farewell dinner.hee~~

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