Monday, July 02, 2007

Hokkaido Soft Scallops, Isetan, Singapore

A nice little tip off from Liquid Shadow informed me that there was a Hokkaido fair at Isetan along Scotts. I managed to find some time today to finally rush down to get some scallop candy. They were already packing up when I arrived (luckily I walk pretty fast) and I even had to trouble the Japanese dude to unpack some of the boxes so that I could get my stuff.

Apparently they were sold out on the "grilled and dried" scallops that I'm used to and the only read-to-eat ones were these "soft" scallops. Beggars can't be choosers, so I took a large and small pack. As usual, the Japanese always excel in the mastery of packaging. There were so many protective layers (outer bag, inner bag, vacuum-packed individual bag) around these scallops that they'll put any family planning agency to shame haha.

This was pretty damn good. Tender, chewy and juicy, it also has a very nice smokey aroma.

Each sinew of scallop flesh was rich in taste. Although this wasn't as salty as the "dried and grilled" version it still made great beer grub!



LiquidShaDow said...

Awww...these photos look great. I can't wait for the next fair to come back.

Lord Dianabol said...

fully sick mate!

D said...

liquidshadow: Yup, I'll try to get me hands on the grilled versions then.

lord dianabol: I'll save some for you guys =D

Anonymous said...

any idea if they are coming back spore again this yr?