Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mutton Skewers, Shanghai

These are the mutton skewers (akin to China satays) which I enjoy so much during Winter. Since I was here, I had to grab some for old time's sake.

The meat on the skewers is now removed into a little paper cup, so you don't get to eat off the skewer anymore. A spoonful of chili powder, pepper and we're ready to go.



Anonymous said...

I'm back actually, but I'm leaving Hong Kong for a couple of days. I hope you are well in Shanghai! :)

Something I thought you might like to know haha : "Britain's pagan groups expressed outrage at the depiction of a doughnut-wielding Homer Simpson next to the Cerne Abbas Giant hill-figure in Dorset, a pagan symbol of fertility. The painted Simpson is publicising a film, but the promoters promised that the persistent summer rains would wash him away. "

Take care. :)


J said...

eh??? Mutton skewers anyone?