Friday, July 20, 2007

Wo Jia Can Ting, Shanghai

As the name suggests, when you dine here, you're actually really dining in someone's home. This small joint tucked away from most of the public eye is a little gem in Shanghai which serves traditional Shanghainese fare.

We started off with some cold dishes; this is honey barbecued pork.

Pork cooked with Shaoxing wine.

When I read the menu, which described this as sugar tomatoes, I thought it was a variety of tomato as sweet as sugar. Turned out, it's a dish of tomatoes with sugar scattered on it! Needless to say, this was rather sweet.

The fresh water shrimp was sweet too but in a good way because they were so fresh, they exuberated this natural sweetness.

The salt and paper pork rib batter was slightly too heavy, but other than that, this was pretty ok.

Their noodles here are excellent. This is just a plain noodle with some oil and seasoning. A huge serve for less than 1sgd, this is large enough to feed three.

A nice change from the more commercialized eateries in Shanghai, do try to drop by if chance permits.



J said...

did they just do a reno? the exterior looks diff.

Anonymous said...

Yar, laoban!! u reminded me, i thought it was red color signboard with brick wall?

Anonymous said...

Dude... I like your blog and the picts, not to mention the commentary.

Seems like you travel for food! Way to go. Just what do you do for a crust? (as a job, I mean)..

Keep up the good work.

J said...

coming right up, new york new york!

D said...

anon: thanks for the kind words. my job is not related in ANYWAY to traveling haha!