Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Butcher House, River Valley, Singapore

Some things in life are always worth celebrating. A close friend getting married, a family member having a baby, a grandpa reaching 100 years. Not too far from the rest on that list is, "a new butchery being opened" haha! I received the flyer informing me that a new gourmet butchery had just opened at 464 River Valley Road and decided to pay them a visit.

Anyway this place is called "Butcher House"; that's it, nothing more fancy. I really appreciated that smack-in-the-face-lack-of-subtlety name. "Butcher House", sounds like some B-grade slasher flick or a secret level in Diablo haha. Their selection is quite wide but since they had only opened on 1st November 2006, some of their suppliers had not delivered some stock- namely the wagyus! Nonetheless, their range of sausages and hams was rather impressive. In fact, they had the snail sausage (it's a rolled sausage, not a sausage made from snails. Hmm I wouldn't mind some snails right now...) that I used to get from Swiss Butchery. Even bigger suprise! The people running this place were ex-Swiss Butchery staff! So I gleefully proceeded to choose an assortment of things just to suss out their quality and took my little bundle of joy home.

So I came home with some sausages, ham and two good-sized steaks for dinner. The great thing about a new place is that they are always ever so polite and allowed tastings for all their cured meats. That's how I decided what to buy this round.

I liked this alot more than the veal bratwursts because it had a chunkier bite and stronger flavor. Veal has never been a favorite meat of mine because its flavor is usually too light and subtle.

Anything with a spicy variant is worth trying. This tasted pretty good too, like a less herby chorizo.

Had to get some good old honey glazed ham in anticipation of Christmas. This was really quite good, not too salty and extremely fragrant and most importantly; it tasted fresh.

Since they didn't have any cuts of wagyu, I couldn't have a fair comparison against Espirito Santo's or Swiss butchery's wagyu. A notch below wagyu came the USDA Black Angus ribeye, which did look very nice though, so into the basket it went.

Which opening celebration is without some nice freebies? My flyer entitled me to some free vacuum packed mini frankfurters and a 10% discount membership card. Way Cool!

So far, things at "Butcher House" seem rather promising and they said they'll email me when the wagyu's in. Till then, I'll just enjoy their hams and sausages.


*This post is the first of two to be dedicated to Cin for my unco-ness =P*


Anonymous said...

whoa so many sausages!! Hehehe~ U sure love yr meat D!

Anonymous said...

D! I'm feeling very specialed up now! I just had an eventful morning riding but it ended well, phew!

So I was feeling hungry and remembered to check for your post.

The Butcher House sounds great, looks like I'll be dropping by. Especially like that you mentioned fresh honey baked ham as I was just planning for Christmas dinner last night..

Hmph, what I want to know is how come you got a flyer for freebies and I didn't when I live almost behind them! I love freebies. FREEeeeebieeeees!!

Sebastian Ng said...

nah he just like sausages >.<"

D said...

michie: Eat Meat. That's my favorite rhyme haha.

cindy: Eventful? Hope you didn't fall again. Checking my post if you're feeling hungry? Does that help? Haha. I'm sure they'll still give out the 10% discount cards, funny how you didn't get any flyers. I got two! And my neighbor today passed me his! So another round of free sausages for me =D wahaha!

sirlesbian: But aren't you the one who always goes to the sausage parties? Hahaha

Anonymous said...


Love your blog...and the scrumptious recipes and recommendations. Thanks for the Butcher House info! We were in the RVR area yesterday so we dropped by to stock up. Saw 3 familiar faces from Swiss Butchery. Sausage giveaway still on too!

Another tip with XMAS coming round. Wan Foong Food Industries (they make House of Saucisse products found at many supermarts ard the island) usually has a Xmas sale of xmas goodies at very attractive prices and quality that is much better than those ordered at supermart stands. Will let you know when I spot the ads!

Anonymous said...

Why are the prices mosaic-ed out? How much does the rib eye cost?

D said...

sonicstarburst: Thanks. Do let me know but I'll be away for Christmas and New Year again this year.

Anon: Their prices are very comparable to Espirito Santo's. Black Angus was going for 106/kg when I bought the steaks.