Monday, November 27, 2006

Stuff from Hokkaido

I love Hokkaido, it has got to be my favorite prefecture in Japan. Another trip back there is way overdue. The next best thing to visiting Hokkaido is receiving gifts from friends who had just returned from a trip there.

The vacuum-packed maize was ridiculously but yet naturally sweet (no added sugar) however my eyes were pretty much on the savory scallop candy.

I love these scallops. I remembered when I was a kid I could almost finish a whole pack in one sitting. These are quite salty and go great with beer (the "beer" bit came a bit later after the "kid" bit).

Packaging is almost another fine Japanese art by itself. The Japanese are indeed the kings of packaging and making things look pretty (although Korea and Taiwan are catching up pretty quick). I don't mind a pretty package as long as the contents taste good.

There's like this little story or something on the inside of the box. I can't read Japanese, so I had no idea what it meant. I made up my own story. It went something like this, "Hi, I'm a delicious cream biscuit. Please Eat me. Thank you."

Although it says "chocolat" on the box, there was definitely not sign of any cocoa-based chocolate in this. Was the filling supposed to be white chocolate? It tasted pretty much like a very light and fresh cream to me. Nevertheless, these crisp cream biscuits were pretty decent overall.



Freezy said...

I love those scallops too!!! =P

LiquidShaDow said...

Oh...I like those scallops. I remember someone giving me a bag of them last year and I heard that it doesn't come cheap. It's something that I can just eat and eat while watching dvds.

Anonymous said...

My uncle always bring back that creme biscuit snack. Theres another version with milk chocolate instead of the white chocolate and the box is black instead.

Anonymous said...

Next best thing to not being in Hokkaido? Meidi Ya Hokkaido Fair. Found a great alternative to Royce,just called 'Hokkaido Milk Chocolate'.Has a maple flavor as well.

Do try it out!

D said...

freezy & liquidshadow: They ARE highly addictive! =S

guuu: Cool, I want to try the milk chocolate version although if it's anything like its white chocolate counterpart, I'll probably be expecting a light cream again?

sonicstarburst: Nice, I can go stock up on more scallops and I love Royce chocolates too. Any idea when the fair ends? I'm flying out again soon and will be back next week.

Anonymous said...

Honto oishii des ne. Demo taihen takai.

Anonymous said...

Hi D,

The fair is on till this Sun, 3 Dec. You can download a PDF file from the Meidi Ya site at

Hope u get a chance to catch it before you fly out!


Anonymous said...

shiroi koibito

Junie said...

was at the hokkaido fair yesterday, didnt find the scallop u had. =z

not sure when it would end though.

D said...

sonicstarburst: That's abit tight, I'm flying off tomorrow for a short trip. Maybe next time...

junie: No scallop candy? I guess that only means less pain in missing the event =D