Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Charity Dinner, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

So here I was at this annual charity gala event and I was pretty excited because I've not tried the catered food at The Fullerton Hotel before. A peek at the menu somewhat dulled my excitement because every dish had a fancy name, which I feel is usually a means to jazz up something pretty boring.

This is the "Confit of Duck and Chanterelle Tile with Caramelized Pineapple and Citrus Jus". What a mouthful of a name eh? A pity I couldn't say the same for the serving portion haha. I'm not that familiar with the chanterellus genus of mushrooms but this "tile" tasted just like a slice (half?) of toasted wholemeal bread!

So after practically inhaling the starter we were served this soup named "Cream of Celeriac Infushed with Truffle Garden Herb Oil". So I'm not familiar with celeriacs (knob celery) as well but I was glad it didn't have a taste similar to celery, which I'm not too fond of. The truffle flavor was evident in this albeit rather subtle.

At least the slab of cod in the "Seven Spices Dusted Cod Fillet on Sweet and Sour Beet Tarragon Cream Sauce" was a size befitting of a maincourse. Couldn't really taste the "seven spices" in this but then again I can't taste the "11 secret herbs and spices" in the Colonel's recipe either, so there. The beet tarragon consisted mainly of beetroot which I promptly pushed to one side of the plate.

The plate which the "Slow Baked Chocolate Cake and Griote Cherry Compote" was so long that they had to align it in potrait-style in front of us. The downside about such a huge plate is that it makes the little pieces of food on it look even littler in comparison. You see that little smear in the center? That's the cherry compote!

To be fair to this dessert, the slow baked chocolate cake was warm and rich while it lasted. The addition of snap, crackle and pop on top was rather fun as well.

Petits fours? I'm sure there was a misprint in the menu or is the term just so loosely used now? Anyway, these definitely were not any little cakes or pastries but an assortment of chocolates. I would have preferred more dark and bitter varieties as an after-dinner chocolate as most of these were rather sweet.



zhengning said...

Wow! The names for the dishes were so uniquely given! All the fanciful names!

D said...

Zhengning: A pity only the names were impressive haha.