Saturday, March 03, 2007

Charley Brown's, Bangkok

I've been have a craving for a decent taco for sometime (sorry, but Tacobell just can't cut it) and came across this Texmex joint at 1/23 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Nana.

As soon as we were seated we were served some nachos and salsa. The nachos were served warm and the salsa tasted fresh. Good signs so far.

These are touted as "Mexican Wings" although they are really a variant of buffalo wings. There pretty tasty although a tad bit dry and not chilli-hot enough.

The tostada is pretty much like a salad with chilli, minced beef on a bed of nachos. The lettuce tasted crisp and freshly shredded. It could do with more minced though.

Their quesadilla was made of two flour tortillas filled with cheese, minced beef and chilli in the centre, before being baked. So it was larger than the quesadillas I'm used to which are made of one tortilla folded over. Taste-wise it was quite good, somehow, a large round quesadilla reminded me of pizza for some reason.

The chimichanga is essentially a deep-fried burrito. If you think a burrito can be greasy enough with all that cheese and minced in it, imagine dropping it into a deep-fryer prior to being served. I would have preferred the sourcream and salsa on the side instead of on the top of my chimichanga because it made it go soggy abit. Other than that little hiccup, everything was greasily tasty as it should be.

Alright, what I've been waiting for, their tacos. A pity this came last because I was pretty full from the other stuff but at least these tacos satisfied my craving for now. The serve of shredded chicken and minced beef were generous in both tacos, coupled with the salty cheese and tangy salsa, this went down pretty quick despite us being already so full.



Anonymous said...

Hey D! bbg here..

sounds like you're having a great time out of singapore, and i finally have got some time to sit down and catch up with you and hengning's posts. (:

hopefully i'll start posting regulary again..

i ate one of those prawn quesadilla in the expo foodfair last year.. looks nothing like this one! :o! yours sounds yummier~ cheese hee~

D said...

BBG: Hey there! Take your time with the posts, no pressure =P life as a student can be extremely hectic and busy at times. Yup, most quesadillas I've eaten are formed by a folded tortilla, this is more like a giant tortilla sandwich!