Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cheesy Sausage Fillo

Making this sure reminded me of those college drinking nights where the feed only needed two prerequisites: salty and greasy.

1. Fillo pastry
2. Egg yolk
3. Cheese(s)
4. Sausage (s)
5. Butter
6. Sesame seeds

1. Lay the fillo pastry out in sheets, they are very thin and break easily so I used three sheets for a base and two for every subsequent layer
2. Butter and brush egg yolk on the layer
3. Add your cheeses (I used shredded cheddar, mozarella and Kraft slices)
4. Throw in the sausages (bratwurst and viennas)

5. Butter and spread egg yolk over the complete product and scatter some sesame seeds on top
6. Bake in the oven at about 150degC (non-fanforced) till golden brown

There you go, looks like some grotesque giant sausage roll haha. Does it look ugly? For sure. But does it taste good and do the boys like it? Hell yeah!

Melted cheese and sausages encased in a crisp pastry. Bring on the Heinz catsup and mustard!



:: Pastry Girl :: said...

thks for yr enduring support and congratulations! Certainly do look fwd to sharing some interesting exp under the chef. :) Though i don't really have a liking for sausages, it does seem like u had a great time making these filos!

Anonymous said...

This looks good with beers...and chatting while having this...hope can do a crazy round of food soon.. otherwise have to wait for 2 years later...fuck...

Chocolate Reindeer said...

wow looks very nice. I LIKE!

cruel-intentions said...

hi D, roughly how long did u bake them? they sure look some for me next time! haha..

J said...

so when we going to do the naan?

Anonymous said...


wow~ seems like a great treat for anti-veggers like my brother! Hehe~

Abit rich for me though..

The thin pastry reminds me of apple strudels!
Guess i'm more of a sweet tooth person.. (:

D said...

lavender cupcaker: Can't wait to see some of your "smuggled" recipes =D.

king kong: Did you HAVE to add the swear word at the end haha? I have readers who are minors you know?

zen: Looks? It was supposed to be "ugly" i.e. Man's Food haha but thanks still, I like too.

cruel-intentions: I can't really remember, I think it was between 35-45minutes? That's why I said "till golden brown" instead. This isn't even from some recipe book, just some mix and match sloppy thingy I did at the last minute. Save some for you? I'll try.. but I have to try so very hard haha

jason: Soon... need to seek permission and advice from The Oracle. I'm thinking a Kashimiri naan as well.

BBG: This will definitely please most anti-veggers =D Come to think of it.. it does look abit like strudel.. hmm.. feel like some strudel right now..I used to live so close to Corica's in Perth =)

LiquidShaDow said...

This stuff looks great....heart clogging great! ;)