Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yorkshire Puddings with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms in White Sauce

The fun thing about a generic recipe like the Yorkshire pudding is that you can spice it up and experiment with variants. I decided to use a shallow and broad dish (a la Lawry's) ) to bake the Yorkshire puddings this time around instead of a muffin tray as I felt that a broader pudding would act better as a base for the white sauce and portobello mushrooms.

1. Yorkshire pudding batter
2. Baby portobello mushrooms
3. Olive oil
4. Plain flour
5. Butter
6. Spices
7. Milk
8. Cream
9. Soup stock

1. Drizzle some olive oil and add a scatter of salt and pepper to the baby portobello mushrooms before pre-grilling them
2. Set mushrooms aside and keep warm covered in foil

3. Prepare the white sauce, I use a very simple guesstimate roux of flour and butter

4. Once the roux is slightly brown, add in abit of half-and-half (equal amounts of milk and cream)
5. Add salt, pepper and spices (I threw in a bay leaf) to taste
6. Thin the sauce with soup stock till desired viscosity is achieved
7. Spoon the white sauce into the freshly baked Yorkshire puddings and top off with the grilled portobello mushrooms

Hint: While the sauce is being kept warm on low heat and your Yorkshire puddings are rising away in the oven, use the opportunity to fry your steaks

And there we go, a crisp Yorkshire pudding filled with tender and succulent baby portobellos and a rich and creamy white sauce.

Just the thing to go with your steak. Serve hot!



Anonymous said...

oh wow, the first pic is making me drool, save me some!

Lord Dianabol said...

Awesome mate, just bloody orrrsome!!!

zhengning said...

How does the sauce taste like? It looks so creamy and tempting indeed!

More recipe please, D!