Friday, March 02, 2007

Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Bangkok

Bangkok plays host to supposedly the largest population of Japanese outside Japan. As such, pretty decent Japanese fare can be found in this city. Fuji is a chain similar to Sushi Tei in Singapore. Their fare isn't ultra spectacular but is decent enough for a light meal; in this case, my pre-dinner snack haha.

I tried to eye-warn my dining partner against ordering this and true enough, this platter of cold soft beancurd topped with advocado sitting in sea of garlic chili sauce was indeed the bummer dish of the afternoon. It just tasted weird, too many flavors make a confused dish.

The tamago tasty pretty good, its only drawback was the texture which was a little too dry and firm for my liking.

The katsu curry was done well. Definitely a great one-dish meal. The curry was flavorsome and thick whilst the pork cutlet was tender and not too greasy.

The unagi sushi was quite tasty as well. Unagi seems to be pretty expensive in Bangkok when compared to their other dishes. The teriyaki sauce drizzled above wasn't too sweet either, which was good since it didn't overpower the cucumber, advocado and mayonnaise in the roll.



zhengning said...

i love looking at ur posts especially on the food and yumsyums you tasted overseas!

interesting :D

D said...

zhengning: Your blog is cool too, all the homecooked food is something money can't buy =)

Anonymous said...

Handsome guy enters room wearing a sackcloth...RRRZZZIIIPPPPP!!

"I tear my sackcloth and pour dirt on my head in humble apologies for selecting the bummer dish" ^o^'

Crawls away still trying to recover from 3 months worth of food sampled in 1 week :-)

eve910 said...

hi~~ lol fuji restaurant, i wonder how many are there in the world? d'ya like this one or the Perth one better? maguro steak...mmmmm.....bangkok street food is the best lah!!