Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mini Star Fermented Beancurd, Geylang, Singapore

Funny how this is the first time I've noticed that Xin Chai is known as Mini Star in English. It's hard to find fermented (smelly) beancurd in Singapore and other than this joint, I don't know where else I can satisfy my occasional fermented beancurd cravings.

Although the texture is consistently quite good here, the flavor and smelliness is still alot less robust than the ones I've had in Taiwan and China. Still, it's pretty decent overall and goes well with the chili sauce and pickles.

Deep-fried large pork intestines are getting pretty rare in Singapore as well. I remembered the first time I had this was in pre-1997 Hong Kong from a street stall, a feeling and atmosphere that can never be found any longer. So it's almost pretty nostalgic eating these tasty, crisp and chewy entrails.

The first time this was ordered was purely out of amusement and boredom but it was surprisingly good. Freshly made and fried on the spot, it was served piping hot.

The best part about each fried dumpling was a steaming hot, decent-sized, whole shrimp laying within. This is definitely joining my dining repertoire of dishes for this joint.



zhengning said...

Wah! A whole shrimp! I seldom see any with a whole shrimp outside, definitely a good one yea?

D said...

I know! Whole shrimp is pretty rate. That was the thing that made go "wow" as well.

Anonymous said...

wow.. that looked fresh! Was it big?

Haha.. that left me craving for prawns.. believe it or not, i used to hate seafood! :p

D said...

Heya BBG!

Pretty big really.. about the length of my pinky? I used to be allergic to shrimps when I was young but I just pummeled through enough to desensitize myself =D