Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grilled Seafood & Chicken Wings, Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre, Singapore

I was recommended this joint at Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre by a close friend of mine, it's funny how I've not taken notice of it before but they do serve some pretty good grub.

Well, technically the seafood here isn't grilled but cooked on hotplates. The food is served on a banana leaf sitting on a heated cast iron platter, which was pretty neat since it kept the food warm for awhile. The squid wasn't overcooked-rubbery which was a good start and the spicy and tangy sauce was quite delicious. The generous scatter of raw onions did help boost the flavor; at the expense of your breath of course.

Although the squid was the dish highly recommended, I felt that the stingray was truly what they excelled in. This stuff is grilled with a nice finish but the flesh still maintains its juiciness and succulency. The sauce was pretty king; spicy enough to be kickass but not overpowering to dominate the flavor of the stingray and flavorsome enough to complement the freshy squeezed lime juice. One thing I like about this stall is that they have a specific sauce for each seafood, not some generic stuff that some grilled seafood stalls seem to drench everything in.

A few stalls down the same row is this joint selling barbecued chicken wings. So in the theme of eating grilled foods. I decide to order some as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with how these turned out. They wings weren't dried out and the honey glaze finish was most delectable. This guy takes pride in his chicken wing, I observed that he cooks them via a two-stage process, first he cooks them by smoking them above the embers and then just before they're served, he places them directly on the grill to create the crisp finish.



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Your posts never cease to make me drool.

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Argh!!!!! Song boh ?

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Q: Who is the son of Godzilla?
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lol i never EVER take pride in my cooking!! ahha..i guess i shall learn to LOL

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Fucking shit...fucking good, fucking hell...ok enough already...Nice pic there. Hahahaha

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hey D, looks like the korean bbq place at esplanade is garnering a lot of good reviews from bloggers and all.. you plan to try it out sometime?