Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thai Air, Dinner

I don't write much about airplane food at all because I've never really been fond of it. Somehow, everything served by an airline always seem to taste "plastic" to me. Normally, I just eat a heavier meal before flying and snooze through the meals. However, due to some "technical glitches" my flight was delayed considerably and I had to have dinner on board. The shrimp cocktail and waldorf salad were pretty ok. The shrimp had that weird artificial flavor that airplane seafood tends to get. I don't know, but there's something about seafood flying so high up that doesn't seem right.

The main was a choice between "barbecued roast duck", "tab tim fish" or "beef tenderloin". Needless to say, it wasn't hard for me to make my choice. Since the steak is already pre-cooked it's anyone's guess to how well-done this may be. But as with most airplane steaks, this was done well, I was perhaps rather lucky to get a slight tinge of blood right in the center. However, to be fair to the steak, it was still quite tender and the roasted spuds were tasty too.

The dessert of ginger and bale fruit jelly was ordered purely out of curiosity. I've seen the popular (indigenous?) bale fruit being sold in Thailand and a drink made of dried bale fruit (nam ma-toom) and just wanted to see how it tasted like. Ok, I'm sure airplane food is not the best yardstick to assess this fruit but it tasted exactly like fruit cocktail! I have to try the real thing the next time.



cruel-intentions said...

bale fruit?? i seriously nv heard of it before!!
can it be found in singapore??

Anonymous said...

*lol This is the first airplane review I've ever seen, D!