Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunrise, Gold Coast, Australia

This blog features the rare and very occasional sunset but every now and then something crazier pops up; the even rarer "Sunrise"! After a pretty long night at the Gold Coast as shown by this dude's arm, I decided to stuff the sleep and catch the sunrise instead. Well, the sunrise was only about forty minutes away anyway, so I didn't have to bother about waking up.

We were there abit early.

A little glimmer...

The clouds blocking the sun were abit of a dampener.

But in her true glory, the sun rising over the horizon from the Gold Coast, East of Australia prevailed and shone true bold and bright. Now, where's that bed?



Van Cong Tu said...

Love your photos, They remind me about my trip to Melbourne so much.
Thanks for sharing mate

D said...

Hey thanks for dropping by mate. All the best in your jobhunt back in Hanoi!