Friday, December 22, 2006

ABC Brickworks Food Centre

This was my second time here here since their make-over and I was here specifically to try the popular "Yuan Yuan" Claypot. We started off with a platter of Chinese barbecued pork from the stall facing the bakery. This was pretty good barbecued pork with just enough honey glaze to give it a sweet fragrance and enough charred and fatty bits for that smokey and greasy taste.

The claypot that Yuan Yuan serves is not bad. It's definitely above average with generous portions of sausage, chicken and salted fish but somehow I still prefer the one from Old Mother Hen. Maybe there's something about the salted egg yolk in their claypot which I tend to appreciate.

The fried Hokkien noodle here is done slightly wet but I think it's wet mostly due to grease and not stock haha. Nevertheless, it was quite tasty indeed although there was hardly any seafood in it.

Picked up some chicken satays from a side stall within the Hokkien noodle stall. Chunky portions but I felt they could have been marinated just a bit longer.

We ordered some of the barbecued chicken wings from another satay stall as well for protein supplementation just to round off the meal.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is possible to make hokkien noodles like that in London. Alas...woe is us who have to live with very horrible chinese thai food over here. :p

Anonymous said...

actually, the last few times I had the hokkien mee, I thought I remembered there being more ingredients in it. but either way, it's still the best hokkien mee i've had in a long time!

great pictures as usual (esp the one taken by me ;), hehe, too bad we gave up the ghost so quickly :P

Anonymous said...

The char siew,claypot rice,and chicken wings are making me hungry!!!