Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Helio Cafe - Strawberry Week, Singapore

I'll always try to find some free time out of my schedule to sample some of the foods at Helio Cafe when they have a theme going on. I quite enjoyed the Chocolate Theme Week and was curious to know how Strawberry Theme Week would fare.

A meatier change for an appetizer was the chicken with apricots in a filo pastry basket. I enjoyed this a lot more than the flower salad that I had previously, but then again I'm a meat sort of person so I would have definitely appreciated this more. It's served cold but the light sauce with it does not overpower the taste of the fresh apricots and grilled chicken.

Baked salmon with portobello mushrooms, this is the second time I'm having this but it's always good.

Beef in red wine sauce, this may not look anything fancy and true, the cut wasn't a spectacular one but the flavor was excellent. I guess the true mark of a good cook is one who can make tasty dishes out of simple ingredients.

Clement was kind enough to provide us with some additional red wine sauce, the sauce is so rich and tasty it's almost like an "essence of beef and red wine" extract haha.

We started our course of desserts with the red wine jello with strawberries and yoghurt. This was light and refreshing but I found it only ok because I prefer my desserts rich (read as "fattening" haha).

Now we're talking, this apricot pudding was served hot and it's similar to lava cake because the residual batter within is still liquid and acts almost like a self-saucing pudding.

As you can see, Clement is very generous with the fresh apricots used in this.

Strawberry Cheese in Filo Pastry was another dessert from the theme.

The crisp and warm filo pastry encased a cold and rich strawberry cheese filling, simply heaven.

Ended off the meal with a Chocolate Strawberry Potpie. Strawberries and chocolate, what more could one ask for?



Anonymous said...

Another excellent post stud!

Lord Dianabol

LiquidShaDow said...

Oh man, the pics just make me hungry. I think another appointment with Clement is in order. Lol.

Anonymous said...

The last picture, the top layer looked like roast duck to me. I'm more of a savoury person than a sweet-toother you might say!

Speaking of strawberries, I went a bit overboard and brought back 9 packets from mom had asked me to bring back but they're all gone now. I'm completely strawberried you might say.

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant the second last picture with the strawberry cheese filo cut up. The top middle piece especially, looks like a piece of roast duck.

D said...

Lord Dianabol: You're missing SG now aren't you? =P

Liquidshadow: His Christmas logcake looks really good, go check it out.

Cindy: At first when you mentioned that the strawberry cheese filo looked like roast duck, I thought you were smoking something haha. But now that you mention , it does look abit like roast duck. The strawberry sauce on top the top middle piece looks like a layer of crisp roast duck skin! Then again... I could be smoking something too haha.

Unknown said...


I lvoe strawberries to bits, but fruits with cheese sounds.. funny though. Was it really good?~

:: Pastry Girl :: said...

i love strawberries too! never heard of this Helio cafe before...must check it out one day!