Friday, December 08, 2006

Ironchef?, Jakarta

Second day of my Jakarta trip, just woke up and still rather blurry eyed. I switched on the telly and saw this. Hey, this lady is eating, this is my kind of show.

Then I saw this setup and I thought it looked quite familiar, albeit odd, but still recognizable. I managed to just make out the words at the back "I-R-O-N C-H-E-F" Whoa! This was Indonesian Ironchef! Ironchef is my all-time favorite show.

This dude appeared and he was dressed most flamboyantly so I naturally assumed he was the Chairman of the Indonesian Kitchen Stadium. Nothing compared to Chairman Kaga though, somehow he just lacked that certain X-factor.

So this lady with a really tall chef's hat appeared and I assumed she would be one of the ironchefs. A female ironchef? Just realized that there weren't any in the Japanese production which I then realized to be rather odd since mum's cooking is always best haha.

They tell you what and how much of each ingredient is used when presenting the dish, making this abit more like a conventional cooking programme.

Judgment time, the suspense builds up...

The challenger won this time. I actually thought the ironchef would win since in the Japanese production they have a higher winning rate.

They actually have a breakdown at the end. I guess in some way, this is to give you the impression that there is some objectivity in the judging process haha. After all I can now go, "Wait... why did ironchef lose??! Ooh... she had less points in the "rasa" segment? Ok. It all makes sense now." Haha!



Anonymous said...

hi D i told thingo id comment so if he hasnt joined you yet tell him i blue sealed him! if he is there with you- heya guess what, i soo dont miss you lol jking! Your food looks so good i almost wish i was there- almost. I dont reckon the food could make up for the math work though =p enjoy your hair cut guys

Anonymous said...

Ps. almost forgot- Hope your enjoying your holiday! i got a day off today so im going to my obnoxious frends house now =p =p =p lol no wer not doing your work ttys...iron chef is sooo cool

D said...

kat: I'm extremely confused now, do I know you?