Saturday, December 09, 2006

Indonesian Street Food, Jakarta

After breakfast at Bakmi Tan, we took a walk down a nearby street that sells quite a lot of food in the morning. Even though the serve at Bakmi Tan was slightly larger than Bakmi Orpa's, one bowl of noodles is still hardly enough for breakfast so we thought it was a good idea to fuel up some more. Cakes are very popular for breakfast here and most stalls sell a mix of both traditional and Westernized cakes.

More cakes, it's always advisable to buy the stuff fresh because coconut cream goes off pretty quick.

More of those flour based Indonesian shumais.

If you're up for something more hearty for breakfast, there are some stalls selling mixed rice. Most people actually buy this to-go as a packed lunch.

Sate babi (Indonesian pork satay), bought some of this to-go as well.

I thought this inquisitive kid looked rather amusing as he was quite fascinated with my taking photographs of food that I decided to snap a shot of him as well heh.

Smelled the fragrance of this soto tangkar stall from a distance and decided to order a bowl.

It's primarily a beef-based soup, here's the man slicing up the ingredients before pouring the piping hot soup over it in a bowl.

Topped off with some emping, the slightly sweetish and savory taste of this was quite good indeed. It wasn't too spicy but in that way at least its original flavor wasn't overpowered.

The sate babi we bought earlier was really hot but it still tasted pretty good. The strong use of coconut milk in Indonesian sate is perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics which makes it different from the satays we get in Singapore.

Of course a meal has to end with some desserts. This is an assortment of Indonesian cakes that we bought home.

Indonesian ondeh ondeh (they call it something else here but I can't recall what it is...), they are slightly smaller than the ones we get in Singapore but the skin is alot thinner and softer and it still had enough sweet brown syrup within to make this most delectable.


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you make me want to fly to jarkata now just for the food..yumm