Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sari Bundo, Jakarta

What trip to Jakarta is complete without some kickass padang food? Our last meal in Jakarta had to be our most memorable one.

Padang food is quite rampant in Jakarta but few come close to the selection and reputation of Sari Bundo.

The padang concept of dining is almost communal because it consists of many many small little plates of food that'll they place on your table. You take what you want and that which you don't consume, they er.. recycle. So it's better to have padang food as a late breakfast or an early lunch because that's when the food is the most fresh!

Ok... we started with sup buntut and some satays but obviously this could not satiate us.

Another soup, some boiled chicken and a plate of curried chicken. Ok it was getting abit better but this is not what padang food is about. We had to call the man in to fix this.

Alright, here's the man. This guy is actually a trainee, the more seasoned waiters would carry twice the amount of dishes.

Now, this is what I call real padang style dining! Everything was so good we actually finished it all.

A special mention has to be said for two of their dishes. This is the ayam goreng (fried chicken) and this was so crunchy that you could just chomp down even some of the smaller bones.

The beef rendang here is famous or should I say "infamous" because the secret ingredient in this is rumored to be marijuana! It was very tasty though, but I'm not sure if it really got me addicted. I don't think I'm craving any right now... or am I? Argh... need marijuana-laced rendang.... need... cold turkey isn't fun haha.

All of this good food was washed down with a chocolate avocado smoothie. Just the thing to quench my thirst after all this spices and chilli. Since this is my last post for this Jakarta trip, I'll like to express a big big "thank you" to JA and his family for being such excellent hosts and extending their hospitality towards me.


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Anonymous said...

marijuana ?? who told u that ?? that's a hoax ! its too expensive to put marijuana into a food.

dian(dont have blog)