Sunday, December 17, 2006

Old Mother Hen Again...

Had a friend in town and he was interested in visually checking out the Geylang strip. After awhile we were getting pretty hungry and I remembered having a pretty kickass meal at Old Mother Hen not too long ago. Not wanting to disappoint a visitor with some place new and untested, I found myself back there again. We ordered alot but I'll only feature those that I didn't feature previously to avoid repetition.

Deep-fried prawn paste chicken. This was done better than average and you could taste that this was well marinated. There were other cuts here besides just chicken wings as well. The batter could have been crispier and lighter though.

The spicy special beancurd is quite similar to their non-spicy version except that it comes in a spicy and slighty sweet chilli sauce. There are also chunks of century egg (eggs preserved in an alkaline mixture) on this.

Battered prawn fritters were next. This dish is such an 80s classic. I remembered that almost any catered function I went to during that time had these. The batter here was slightly too bready and thick for my liking but at least what it lost out on texture, it made up in taste.

Buttered deep-fried squid. This place does good deep-fried squid and after trying their salt and pepper squid previously, I decided to try this variant. The fine deep-fried egg shreds really add a nice touch to this.

Fish slices with ginger and spring onion. Too much ginger and spring onion, too little fish.

King of ribs, it was quite a refreshing change that they used short ribs here instead of the commonly used pork chop. Served with that sweet and sour tangy sauce, this was quite good indeed.

Stir-fried pig innards in black bean sauce. Although this innard is normally labelled as an anatomical part of the intestine, it's really actually the fallopian tube. This was alright, nothing really spectacular. My favorite pig innard dish is still deep-fried large pig intestines.


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Camemberu said...

Oh my, I completely missed this post when researching Old Mother Hen! How come it doesn't show up on Google like your other post does? Oh well, I can still link to both now :)