Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cendol Elizabeth, Jakarta

I have no idea why this stall is called "Cendol Elizabeth" because it seems that it has always been this guy running it. Maybe his wife/sister/mother/girl friend is Elizabeth? Maybe he was Elizabeth haha! But the origin of the name didn't really matter because I was told he made a really kickass es cendol.

Whilst waiting for the cendol to be served, we had some teh botol. Teh botol is essentially a bottled sweet tea and is ridiculously popular in Indonesia. It's drank almost as a water substitute here.

Now this is what I call es cendol. It was way better than the one I had at Pondok Laguna. The coconut milk was very rich and thick, I could taste pandan in the cendol bits i.e. it wasn't just colored jelly. As a bonus, there were also slivers of young coconut flesh and jackfruit in it. Very refreshing on a hot Jakarta afternoon.


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Anonymous said...

Cendol is always gorgeous!